Peacemaking Circle Seven Core Assumptions

  1. The True Self in Everyone Is Good, Wise, and Powerful
  2. The World is profoundly Interconnected
  3. All Human Beings have a Deep Desire to be in a Good Relationship
  4. All Humans Have Gifts & Everyone Is Needed for What They Bring
  5. Everything We Need to Make Positive Change Is Already Here
  6. Human Beings are Holistic
  7. We Need Practices to Build Habits of Living from the Core Self

-Kay Pranis & Carolyn Boyes-Watson

Peacemaking Circle Seven Key Elements

  1. Keeper or Co-Keepers Guide the Process
  2. Ceremony, Intentional Opening and Closing
  3. Talking Piece is Respected and Utilized
  4. Relationships Values Identified as Guidelines
  5. Storytelling to Identify Wisdom
  6. Consensus as Decision Making
  7. Four Stages of the Process are Present

-Kris Schweigert