Restorative Justice Implementation Training Cohort

  • Learn all the components needed to design, implement & operate a successful Restorative Justice Program (adult or juvenile, pre-diversion, diversion or court ordered).
  • From working with victims to training volunteers, this training will cover all the necessary philosophical, paperwork, process, development & design resources needed for launching, evaluating and delivering a Restorative Justice Program.
  • Included in the training will be resources and links to recommended videos, books, websites, podcasts, articles and other supportive materials.
  • Training provided by Kris Miner, who successfully led a Restorative Justice program from concept to sustainability.  Kris has over 20 years of Restorative Justice experience from simple to serious crime cases and from preschool to prison work experience.
Program Structure:
  • Virtually delivered via Zoom. Two-days per month, each 8-hour training days.  Training days will be 8 am – Noon & 1 pm – 5 pm CST.  The first day of the month will focus on program development, the 2nd day will be pre-recorded and an offering of resources.  Only one day a month is required to attend.  Participation will be limited to 20 locations.
  • Only 20 locations will be provided this opportunity for program design, development and implementation. Each site will be encouraged to attend as a team (up to 5).  Not all team members need to attend every training.  Your team should include: 1) lead staff 2) Court Representative 3) Victim Advocate 4) Law Enforcement 5) Community/Volunteer Coordinator.
  • In addition to 96 hours of training, each site will be offered 6 hours (one per month) of individualized coaching support. This will provide an opportunity to address individual challenge unique to each location.  Specialized trouble-shooting and comprehensive development guidance will be provided.  This is a total of 102 hours of professional development.
  • The training dates will begin in January 2021, anticipated to be delivered the first Thursday & third Friday. The first Thursday will be the live zoom training and the third Friday will be the recorded resources sessions.
Investment: This opportunity is provided for $2,190.00 per site (5 staff).  If your agency would like to have more than 5 people participate, please contact Kris to discuss the adjusted rate.  To print a flyer, click here:RJ implementation training To link to a FREE Teachable Course, click here.