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South Dakota Counseling Association Keynote Resources

A 90 minute keynote presentation . . . I actually ran out of time and missed getting to make the Connections to Counseling and Restorative Justice.

Here are the things I intended to share, my experience from Counseling & Restorative Justice:

  • Working with ‘hurt’ people – make self care important.
  • Compassionate Listening – a way of offering to another, the space for them to learn about themselves and to shatter the experience of aloneness.
  • Restorative Pillars – the Harms, Needs, Obligations & Engagement, Howard Zehr
  • Addresses Unmet Needs – In the presentation I gave you few examples of courts missing needs (“leaving debris on the railroad tracks”).  In counseling we help people in finding unmet needs and resolving those.
  • Trauma-sensitive  – I wanted to connect the aspects of trauma-informed work to the work of Restorative.
  • Resilience-based – Here is a link to information about resilience.
  • Healing & HOPE!  Hope can stand for Hold On Pain Ends or Helping Other People Evolve

Links & Resources mentioned in the South Dakota Counseling Association  Keynote: SDCA PPT1