You are currently viewing tick-tock, watch the clock, the value of time!

tick-tock, watch the clock, the value of time!

Are you wondering how to get others to value doing Restorative Practices or Classroom Circles?


Are you trying to decide if you should take the time in your classroom?

Here are your your 5 keys to unlocking the time!

  1. It is a new mindset, a new heartset . . . it will take some extra prep time.  (We are going to acknowledge instead of argue) . . . since it is a mindset & heartset, once you have it, you can do it effortlessly, without prep (years of practice here) and you can then hold restorative chats, spontaneous circles and you will have a new take on relationships, being authentic, being equitable and making lasting and real connections.
  2. Explore the values of Restorative Practices & Restorative Circles.  When you look at those, are those places you’d like to spend your time?  Let’s link kids feeling safe to better behavior, improved learning and increased social skills.
  3. What kind of moments do you want in your day?  Minutes make moments, and a few minutes for Circle, can create wonderful memories and moments of feeling valued, feeling connected, feeling important and worthy.
  4. Teach the experience of a Circle so the worth is understood.  I start trainings in Circle so learners get what it looks like and feels like.  Comments at the end of a recent on-line & in-person training Circle  . . . “doing Circle really made me understand it and see how it could be used in my classroom”.
  5. Circles give us a lot at once . . . at the same time you can be . . . (1)teaching mindfulness in the opening, and in waiting for the talking piece, (2)learning about your students (who had what for breakfast, who lives in their home, what they are looking forward to in the school day).  You are also (3) modeling empathy & listening and  (4) building classroom community connections.  Before and after Circle students get some circulation and (5) movement, so you are (6) practicing classroom transitions!  That’s 6 for 1 in Circle and I bet we can add to this list!

Thoughts on these keys?