Mini-trainings in River Falls Wisconsin

RFSD Restorative Practices and Circle Training

Wednesday, Nov 7 and Friday, Nov. 9 2018

Location: River Falls Public Montessori

Facilitated by Kris Miner Schweigert of Circle Space Services

Restorative discipline and practices provide a foundation for schools looking to move from a punitive discipline model to a restorative model that helps build and strengthen relationships which allows for intrinsic behavioral change. It also approaches discipline from a community based model rather than a hierarchical model. It also addresses the needs of all member affected by behaviors, not just the offender and victim. Talking Circles are the vehicle that this restorative approach uses to involve all members in the community to build and sustain a community of learners.


Peacemaking Circle 101 – Wednesday 4:00 – 8:000 (or 4-8 pm)  (40 participants)

Restorative Practices in schools begins with building community using Peacemaking Circles.  From the Classroom Circles the process can be expanded to be used for conflict resolution, academics and staff development.  This session will provide an overview of Circle process, examples of how to implement circles in the classroom. This session is an overview and a refresher on Restorative Practices and Classroom Circles.

*Light Dinner will be provided


Circle Keeping Fundamentals Friday 8-12 (20 participants)

The role of a Circle keeper appears to be simple since the process is inclusive and gently guided.  However, there are specific concepts, tools and techniques to ensure the process is effective and restorative.  This session will provide participants specific skills, format, technique and instructions on setting up and facilitating Peacemaking Circle process.


Restorative Practices Conflict Resolution Friday 1-4 (20 participants)

Conflict is school settings occurs daily and can have deep impact on the learning community and social climate.  Viewing conflict restoratively and responding in ways that promote accountability & healing (restorative practices) help reduce the negative impact of conflict and reduce future incidents.  In addition to Circles, there are other methods to approach and respond to school conflict. This session will provide options that begin with 1:1 conversations and those that involve using Circle process.

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