Janice Bad Moccassin

Transformational Horse Inspired Healer/Certified Equine Specialist (EAGALA)

Janice Bad Moccasin, tribal member of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, resides in Shakopee, MN and currently serves as a Dakota Culturally Restorative Facilitator role for the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community for the past 25 years. Her educational background is Psychology also a life learner of the Dakota language. Janice is a passionate Cultural Transformational healer and Equine Specialist working with horse wisdom and medicine for healing intergenerational trauma. She is a transformational speaker and trainer in the cultural healing areas for Native American communities and diverse audiences. Janice has served over 25 years as a cultural advisor, healer practitioner,

Janice and Bella

conducting traditional Dakota wakes and funerals, memorials and prayer leader requested by many of her Dakota relatives and community. Also has provided stress and trauma relief with the water protectors in Standing Rock. She has partial Dakota fluency language skills, has been mentored by healers and elders. Janice loves raising her granddaughter Hummingbird, both have a love for horses, Dakota cultural practices, song carriers and enjoy kickboxing sports together.