Restorative Justice School Coordinator Training!

The best of the best from Texas, Minnesota and Wisconsin will be woven in to the training experience in July. SCVRJP just finshed the 2nd Advanced School practices training and is preparing for the July 8th and 9th training session. The content will be unique to previous trainings, as it will cover a range of Restorative processes that can be used in schools.

Session trainer Kris Miner has been part of a team consulting with Nancy Riestenberg and the Minnesota Department of Education on materials for implementation, including the most recent Trainers Guide for Working with Schools to Implement Restorative Practices. Kris is spending 5 days in Texas with University of Texas, Austin Restorative Justice Institute, attending their school coordinator and administrators training for restorative discipline.

This training is available at SCVRJP in July or agencies can bring Kris on-site to provide the training. Program Flyer