A sample Peacemaking Circle process for reflecting and connecting.

Circles have endless applications.  The kinds of Circles I am speaking of (post here) include 4 stages, keeper, consensus, talking peace, center, values.  You can hold circles to build community to resolve conflict.  The outline/script below could be utilized for a range of student ages.  Some suggestions on this included to use culturally relevant and appropriate greetings.  For example a bow, or gesture that does not involve touch.  Here is a resource for keepers:

Introduction of Circle/Keeper

  • Getting students/chaperones/staff settled
  • Set the tone, monitor emotional climate
  • Introduction to Circle process – 4 values on board
  • Listen/Respect/Truth/Turns
    • Listening from the heart, not for agree or disagree/right or wrong
    • Respect,  Quiet Hands & Feet (encouraging mirror behavior)
    • Truth, speaking from the heart, what is true for you – see center perspectives
    • Turns – explain talking piece, both roles important, opportunity to listen, listen together
    • Four values, four stages, different way of communicating, Open & Close any questions?
    • Consensus with Thumbs Up, thumb sideway or thumb down
    • Opening Activity


Opening Activity:  Handshake, Seat Change


Physically – moves students around the Circle.  Interacts students and adults. Increases   oxygen for better brains. Mentally– engages students in remembering the   directions.  Places value of Cirlce in   the mindset.  All participate, all   values Emotionally– may raise anxiety, preparing from something new,   outside a comfort zone.  Increase   belonging and connection. Spiritually– handshake as a “sign of peace”, sense of   belonging, sense of connection.    Non-verbal activity, energy of participants.

Have the Circle stand, explain you will be using the 4 values.

  • Listening to each person greet someone else
  • one at a time, go to someone sitting away from you,
  • Respect-offer hand, introduce yourself, Greeting, trade places, person sits
  • Truth, offering your name and greeting, in a good way for you.
  • As we go around, taking seats after greeting and be greeted, one person will be the “sweep” – and that person will say Good Morning Circle, I’m _____, and we will say Good Morning _______!
  • After the activity, affirm the students for demonstrating the 4 values


  • Set Up the Center – reminding of values, use of talking piece.
  • Collective listening – ring chimes, set silence and stillness
  • What did you find interesting
  • What are you still wondering about


  • Place pictures in Center –
    • Reflection on the pictures – the question with the
    • What would you like to ask the the artist?
    • What did you like most in Circle – one of the 4 values and why or what about it
  • What positive action could come from people learning this exhibit

Closing – Pass a handshake around the Circle – “Thank you for listening”, “Thank you for sharing”