Restorative Justice Trainings – at half price and double the quality!

St. Croix Valley Restorative Justice Program offers training as part of the services available.  Our mission to build and sustain a culture of peace & belonging, extends far behind our immediate geographic area.  Since training is a service, the intention, quality and outcomes are measured and monitored by the Board of Directors.  At SCVRJP, we commit to excellence and best practice.

SCVRJP trainings have been developed over time, with consideration to adult learning styles, specific audiences and evaluation feedback.  SCVRJP began to offer trainings in 2005, and have contracted with education, human services and justice providers.  SCVRJP draws upon the experiences of providing Restorative Justice services in a range of environments and situations.  Our services are offered for schools, community, campus, and court referrals.  SCVRJP engages community members, and is on track to have volunteer support at nearly 4,000 hours for 2012.

For the remainder of 2012, training sessions will be offered at 1/2 price.  This means $500 a day, instead of $1,000, plus travel.  Trainings booked in 2012, and held in 2013 will receive this discounted price.  This applies to the 2 day Art & Science training and the 2 day Circle Training.  SCVRJP is available for keynote conference sessions and workshops.

Any questions related to training can be directed to Kris Miner, 715-425-1100 or A flyer, on an upcoming Art & Science training session:  RJ Art Oct 2012.