Restorative Justice Training and workshop information.

SCVRJP generates revenue and support by providing training to outside agencies, school districts, and conferences.  I’ve been traveling since 2006, doing contracted Circle Training.  Agencies can also set up specific training to their specific need.

Topics for training include:

Restorative Justice Approaches & Outcomes (1 or 2 days)

Victim-Offender Conferencing (2 days)

School-based Restorative Justice (evening or 1 day)

Restorative Justice Circle keeper Training (2 days)

Restorative Measures in Schools(1 day intro, 2 days for skills)

Circle mentoring and coaching(1 day- 2 days)

Workshops – for a specific conference

Phone consultation and Follow up trainings are also available.

This document provides additional details: SCVRJP Training Information

The next Circle Trainings is June 21 & 22 in River Falls, WI.

Arrangements are pending, SCVRJP will be providing Circle Training in Sioux Falls South Dakota September 18 & 19.  Contact Kris at for more information.

SCVRJP will also be providing Circle Training in River Falls on Oct 4 & 6.