I’ve neglected the blog, back and sharing about work with victims.

Blogging in the manner I do takes strength.  I tell the truth, my truth and tie it to teaching about Restorative Justice.  Well, I make every attempt to do that.  I show my experiences and what I have learned.  I try to get an ah-ha moment in the post.  That’s not easy when I have a 500 word style to maintain.

The strength needed to consistently blog, is in the form of discipline.  I am not very disciplined.  I don’t know how I ever quit smoking.  I can’t quit doughnuts or carbs.  Beyond the discipline of taking time to write, it takes strength of vulnerability.  To put my lessons and learnings out there here means showing where I had to grow.  Growing gets us places, it really does.  It just isn’t always easy to put a name to it.

When I have gaps in blogging, it is like gaps in talking.  It means I have retreated back a little bit.  This gap was no different.  I believe that the conversation is the relationship.  Walk away from someone with the last conversation conflicted, the relationship feels conflicted.  Walk away from the last conversation connected, relationship feels connected.

I so admire my teacher friend who greets each student hello and goodbye – it shows skills in connection.  Connections and conversations are relationships and relationships are teachers.

My relationship to this blog is a teacher.  All I have to do is start to think about the blog itself.  I know the pulse, weak or strong.  It has been weak for a while.  I don’t share about it as much when I am not active on here.  I know the connection creates a connection to my work.  Connecting to our work makes it more meaningful.  The more meaningful our work, the happier our lives.  The more we find meaning, the more we feel fulfilled.  Did you know we are most unpredictable when we are unfulfilled.  Anyone who works with juveniles should work on the kids fulfilment levels.

I recently got some fulfillment, I was invited to do a community presentation around Crime Victims Rights Week. I am sharing the powerpoint here.  Reminding those that work with victims, the importance of listening.  I hope what I shared helped others, and I hope it might help you.  Cause for me, that’s why I blog, to help others.

Restorative Dialogue april 2012