More on the meme, Restorative Justice and social media.

MemeMemes are contagious patterns of cultural information that are passed from mind to mind and that directly shape and generate key actions and mindsets of a social group. Memes include popular tunes, catch-phrases, clothing fashions, architectural styles, ways of doing things, and so on.

More on  meme, here.  I find social media fascinating, I loved the opportunity to start blogging as a way to distinguish myself in the field.  The opportunity and benefit of being involved in social media have help Restorative Justice in general, our non-profit and me professionally and personally.

As soon as I saw some of these different meme’s going around, I wanted to make one for Restorative Justice.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, than six photos is 6,000 words at once.  Like Restorative Justice, the UthinkIdo Meme, views things from different angles.

Another aspect I like of the “meme” and “restorative justice” is that I had to go figure out the word, MEME.  I saw it in a NPR link I my Facebook wall, thank goodness for Wiki and Google, I got a better grasp of what a MEME is.  I thought it really cool the word was is a book from 1976.  Like the term Restorative Justice, it has taken some time to become understood or relevant in culture.

I believe Restorative Justice is on the rise, see a blog post on megatrend thoughts. (I can’t believe I titled a post IDK, and I wonder why I’m not taken more seriously!)  It’s important to me to represent my self professionally, and I really want to be a leader in the field, by doing the best I can as a facilitator, advocate, practitioner, director, blogger.  To keep ahead of my work, I enrolled in a course.

I am taking a course through Eastern Mennonite University, with Howard Zehr.  At first I was resistant to the notion of tensions, and critical issues in Restorative Justice.  I have come to see that things can change over time, and the original intention is sometimes not what evolves.  I have come to admire this viewpoint, and this dedication to continue to keep a grasp on the key principles, values, process that make Restorative Justice.

I see how it get diluted.  It raises my blood pressure every time I see the term “Restorative Justice” near terms like Teen Court.  I’m on the fence about people who change their language to “restorative principles” when they are doing the same old same old, and add that in.  At least they have stopped calling the same old, same old, RJ.

The Restorative Justice Meme, was a chance to look at the different view points through the lens of humor.  By trying to over exaggerate – which is a form of humor.  To amplify what is true, and nobody really says you can be funny.  I hope by creating the RJ Meme, it actually creates a little more discussion and understanding of RJ.  It was difficult to pick the different angles, the different photos.  If you have further thoughts I’d like to hear them!

Thanks for reading!  I appreciate the opportunity to have a community right here on this blog!