Be Authentic, it builds relationships and we need relationships.

Every morning at 5 am, I get a  Note to Inspire.

A recent message

You are authentic when everything you say and everything you do you ACTUALLY believe.

I have Simon’s book, Start with Why, I just haven’t got to reading it yet.  The quote today reminded me about going at this Restorative Justice stuff with enthusiasm.  I don’t share anything about it that, I don’t believe.  I am passionate about my first hand experiences.  I share openly about these and I’ve been told I have passion.  It was a gift that people told me this, because, I made a point of remembering that and using that energy again.  So thank you for telling me!

I saw myself quoted in Melinda’s article on Shareable: How to Share in a Dialogue Despite Differences.  I first saw it on Facebook, and knew it would be coming out.  Melinda and I go back a year or so.  We connected over her book, Consequential Strangers.  Which is a great read, and really brings awareness to how people connect.

It was my relationship with Melinda, that evolved into being part of her story.  It was her relationship with me, that helps me with grammar and punctuation.  She authentically shared with me, and it connected us.  We need relationships to evolve, to learn to grow.

I love Maslow’s needs, and I’ve posted a few times regarding the connection to the middle tier – Love and Belonging.  Here is a link with further details.  I was digging around on Maslow, because I was recently told that he used to participate in Native American ceremonies in South Dakota.  I learned that if you extend the lines of his pyramid up, it is actually part of 4 quadrants.  The pyramid is one piece of a symbol, the Lakota way of having “self-actualization” is the center, the first place to go is inside to your self.

Back to the Maslow pyramid, the bottom two deal with self, the next is others.  I see this as a place to get to authentic.

People are wounded when they aren’t provided those two bottom needs.  The history of this can, and often times is carried up to the next tier with others.  Relationships can suffer when we bring our histories.  It’s good to learn from things, to heal, to resolve, to be authentic about your experiences.  To be defensive, unaware, to harm before being harmed, brings issues to our relationships.

We are hard-wired to connect with each other.  I use a quote when I teach Restorative Justice “In relationships we are broken, in relationships we are healed”.  The crack in our heart is where the light is let in.

Be authentic.  Find what that means to you.  For me, it means being real and honest.  It means having the courage to tell the truth, and to believe, really believe what you tell others.  I bet you will find, like I did, it brings relationships and we need relationships.