Round-up of Restorative Justice, Restorative Practices & Restorative Measures blogs. -updated!

It seems to be a season of new blogs, I keep an eye on the social media scene, and appreciate the variety or resources available for our consumption, and engagement.   You can’t always depend on a Google search, some sites don’t have enough traffic (yet) to make the rankings.  This post is going to offer a summary for readers.

Blogging is an opportunity for authors to instantly be “published” on the internet.  Blogs offer both authors and readers different benefits.  Blogs seems to range from the sale of goods to the expression of the authors.  Lots and lots of organizations are adding a “blog” to websites.  Blogs offer the chance to sign-up, follow or pick up an RSS feed.  This means that as soon as a post is published, you get an email, or get the “feed” (what is published).  I thought offering a summary of choices and resources would be helpful.

This post is my perspective on your blog resources for learning more about Restorative Justice and Restorative interventions.  If I missed anyone please let me know!

Let’s start where you are now, Circlespace.  This blog is just starting year 3, the site has over 500 posts, and is updated anywhere from a few times to 15 a month.  As author, I write about examples, advice, support and provide insights into being a practitioner and non-profit director.

A great blog, I have mentioned here before is RJOB, from Prison Fellowship International.  From the website, the blog is described as:

The purpose of RJOB is to provide timely information about restorative justice news and developments, together with commentary on the use and expansion of restorative justice.

The name of the blog is RJOB, the acronym for Restorative Justice Online Blog. It is pronounced “Our Job” to remind us that it is up to us to develop, expand, evaluate and strengthen restorative justice theory and practice.

I appreciate that you can sign up for a monthly summary.  This blog will pick up and post some blogs from other bloggers, so it’s a good site to watch if you have to pick just one to follow.  The RJOB, blog, recently announced the announcement about the International Institute for Restorative Practices blog.

Newest to the blogging scene, is the IIRP blog, the site offers this about their blog: Pull up a chair and we’ll make some room for you in the circle. Here you’ll find news, commentary and discussion related to IIRP and the field of restorative practices as it is being applied in schools, the workplace, criminal justice, social work, colleges and communities.  

Our “Grandfather”, Howard Zehr blogs at Restorative Justice Blog.  This blog has been on the internet since 2009, and Howard seems to be updating about once a month, he provides deep and thoughtful blog posts, often with a resource linked.  There is always good feedback and conversation following Howard’s posts.

I just found, ReSolutionaries, the most recent post, was a great perspective on practitioners in Circle.  Right now the site has 8 posts, and I appreciate the approach they are sharing, being supportive of practitioners and providing resources.

Melanie Snyder is blogging about a variety of topics and is including more Restorative Justice.  She has a full-site of resources.

Dr Tom Cavanaugh blogs about Schools and Restorative Justice, he doesn’t post often, and provides resources.

Since June 2011, the Colorado practitioners are providing lots of resources here.

Ken is blogging for mediators and peace-makers, at Fairness Works.

Since 2008, Lorenn Walker has been providing, Restorative Justice and other public health approaches for healing.

You can Google Search and find some blogs that are no longer kept up, they have good information, however if you are looking to keep a consistent diet of readings, the sites above are my collected resources.

If you are a blogger on Restorative topics, please remind me if I missed you!  I try to share and encourage that we share our sites for the greater good of the movement, “collaboration over competition”.  If you have helpful feedback about the above sites, I would be happy to share that as well.

blog update, posted here since comments must be clicked on to be viewed:

My new connection, and blogger since June 2011, Dr. Evelyn Zellerer  blogs here, she is in Canada and has a full site Peace of the Circle Transforming Conflict-Building Relationships.  Thanks for the contribution!