Seeking community support, the summer fundraiser for SCVRJP

This years annual Walk_flyer_2011 is scheduled for July 30, 2011.  As I prepared the materials I came across the photo of the tulips.  In a free template from Microsoft, I saw a representation of peace and connection.  The Walk for Awareness brings people who have lost a loved one into a community of support.

Additionally the Walk provides a reminder that life is fragile and it is important to remember not to drive impaired, distracted, or unbuckled.  To remember those who lost hope and completed suicide raises awareness that supporting others is all of our responsibility.

Non-profits are required to gather community support as demonstrated by financial contributions.  Every dollar donated helps.  As SCVRJP launched a 10x10x10 campaign, we have been blessed to see checks in our mailbox and notices from JUSTGIVE, that another donation has been made.

Now as summer approaches we are asking our community to again, step up and help SCVRJP.  Next week, the board of directors is sending this Appeal Letter.

The hope is that businesses and individuals will support SCVRJP.  The sponsorship opportunities are highlighted here: Sponsorship 2011.

Your business, club, agency can also engage and raise funds as a team, gathering pledges together or individually: Pledge Form 2011.

We hope to see you at the Walk on July 30, be sure to get your tickets to the event by July 22nd!  Thank you again for supporting the mission to build and sustain a culture of peace and belonging utilizing restorative justice principles and programs in our community!