A “do not miss” training opportunity! Restorative Justice addressing bully behavior.

My friend Nancy has been hosting week-long sessions in school-based Restorative Justice/Restorative Measures.  I have helped her out the last few years.  The finale of the week is the Circle Networking Day, she fwd’d me this information today:

The Circle Networking Day
Bullying: Preparation for the Restorative Response
June 17, 2011, Webster School in Minneapolis. The Circle Networking Day is open to all June Seminar alumni and restorative justice practitioners interested in restorative applications in schools and youth settings. Circle Keepers: Kay Pranis and Mel Buckholtz.
Please register at this link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CAN2011. The registration fee is $25.
Bullying and cyber bullying is in the news and in legislative committees. Some districts are responding to bullying with zero tolerance policies, however, the US Department of Education and the Centers for Disease Control recommend a more comprehensive approach:  formative discipline and school, family and community strategies. 
Well prepared restorative practices can help to ensure family engagement, community involvement and offender, victim and bystander contribution in a process that is formative and non-punitive. The question for the Circle Networking Day is “What is ‘well prepared’?”  
Mary Thissen-Milder, State HIV Prevention Coordinator, Hassan Samantar from PACER, Mary Ticiu, Assistant Principal at Stillwater High School,  and Olaseeni Soewu, Mediation Center International (Logos, Nigeria)  will offer their perspectives on bullying interventions in schools. Nancy Riestenberg will present an overview of Bullying in Minnesota Schools: An analysis of the Minnesota Student Survey, 2010.  Everyone who attends will also provide insight. Except for the brief overview of the MSS study, the discussions will be held in Circle. 
The Minnesota Department of Education will summarize the discussion in a written brief. Join us June 17!
Contact Nancy Riestenberg, 651-582-8433, nancy.riestenberg@state.mn.us for more information.
The Circle Networking Day is co-sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Education, the Minneapolis Public Schools and the Minnesota Restorative Services Coalition.