TWO WEEKS! I went two weeks without blogging! Postvention!

This maybe the longest time between Circlespace posts, ever!  In the two and half years I have been blogging anyway, September of 2008-March 2011.

I’ve started a few posts, I even talked about blogging in a Blog Talk Radio interview that aired on March 8.

I love blogging.  I love expressing my passion for restorative justice and Circles.  I don’t know why I haven’t posted, when my intention is to do this daily.

Did you know there is a new word, associated with suicide trauma . . . “postvention“.  I saw it on a training flyer, attended the training and now I have seen it in other space.  All related to suicide.

I am using the word in my title and here in the blog, to pick up some internet traffic!  That’s part of the fun for blogging for me.  I like to watch the stats and numbers.  I love getting the email that someone new has subscribed to my blog.  I get a little frustrated with the guessing and lack of control here sometimes.  I don’t blog and yet I still have traffic, so what is being picked up on searches that brings people here?  I like answers.

I knew my blogging needed some “love” so I assigned my college students to make a comment as part of an assignment.  I had them pick a date sometime between September 2008 and March 7 2011 . . . then go find the post for that date.  I was happy when I logged on to see that I have several comments to approve.

I only posted twice in March.  An all time low.  I can’t quite figure out this gap.  I started this post in March and I am finishing it now on April 1.  April Fools Day.  I think I’ve been the fool for taking a break from something I love to do.