Restorative Justice Circle training, for keepers and practitioners.

Attached is a 2 page pdf – highlighting some of the training responses and goals.  This also includes an easy to use registration form.

SCVRJP Circle Trainings 2011

Sessions are scheduled for April, July and October in River Falls Wisconsin.  St. Croix Valley Restorative Justice is 40 miles and 50 minutes from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport.

You can also contract with SCVRJP, and have me come on-site for trainings.  Training fee’s have not increased since 2009, the revenue generated goes right back to work for Restorative Justice and helps support the mission of SCVRJP to promote a culture of peace and belonging.

Keeper-experience.  It is not uncommon for me to keep 5-7 Circles a week, for a variety of ages and audiences.  From elementary schools to prisons the basics are the same.  The trainings are a great foundation or refresher for Circlekeepers.  I have brought Circles to public health issues and our local community needs.  We (SCVRJP) use Circles (victim empathy seminars) when a formal victim-offender conference is not going to work.  SCVRJP also addressed underage consumption (alcohol kills more teens per year than all other drugs combined), substance use (more teens smoke pot than cigarettes), teen driving (the number one cause of death for people 16-24 is car crashes) and our newest offering Restorative Response Circles address suicide (the number 2 cause of death for teens).

In 2003 SCVRJP reached 35 people.  In 2010 4,908, that is 10% of the population of one of the two counties we serve.  All the services I have created utilize the Restorative Justice Circle process.  I rely heavily on the work of Kay Pranis, author: Peacemaking Circles.

School-based effectiveness.  I have a great resource in a 3rd grade teacher who has been using this technique in her classroom for 3 years now.  She helped coach me on designing the curriculum as “teacher” friendly.  I understand how to work with implementation challenges and share the materials in a manner that teachers can duplicate.

Passion and Energy.  I try to be humble, however this post is turning into post to encourage you to get trained by me!  I LOVE CIRCLES!  I get excited when we all agree to honor the values, even after hundreds of Circles.  I hold close to core values and firmly, wholeheartedly believe in the powerful transformation that listening, empathy and respect can bring to each and every person.   Consistently I get feedback about my passion and energy.  I have bolded this as a value alongside “keeper-experience and school-based effectiveness” because it is the aspect that ties this together.  I know what I am doing (experience) have developed my skills (effectiveness) and bring the contagious factor (passion).  I would love to work with your school or agency, so please give me a call and we can explore promoting Restorative Justice Circles.

ps- I really welcome any comments from anyone who has participated in a training session with me!