Be curious about Restorative Justice it will lead you to new discoveries.

I have been fascinated with brain-power lately.  It’s to the point I’ve even teased (just once) that I might change my favorite restorative justice cliché from “a change of behavior, by a change of heart” to “a change of behavior by a change of brain.”

I especially love the work of Simon Sinek, you should link to his site and watch the Video The Golden Circle.  I first found him on TED.  (ps – it’s on my list to speak at TED about Restorative Justice/Circles)  I was automatically attracted to the very mention of Circle.  I can’t wait for his book to arrive.

I get Simon’s daily messages called Notes to Inspire.  Today’s message: 

Creativity comes from curiosity. The more curious you are about the world, the more you experience and learn.

I’ve been called creative, my top strengthsfinder strength is Ideation and I dream up new ideas in every single conversation or meeting I am part of.  It’s just how my brain is wired.  This morning’s quote on creativity linked to curiosity got me.  It rang true.  I have been and still am very curious about Restorative Justice.  I’ve been doing this work since first being trained in ’98 and full-time since the fall of ’05.  Why so curious? 

The heart of restorative justice is just so damn real.  It’s about what people experience on the inside.  It’s taking a special path to get there.  It’s getting people to be real in the presence of those they hurt and those that hurt them.  There is untapped potential in this.  I am at week 6 of a 8 week program, where support people and focus people meet together.  The topic in the Circle Center is addiction and drug court.  The stories are powerful and amazing.  The fact that those on each side of the issue, along-side community members are listening to each story make it more powerful and more phenomenal.

Sometimes the very act of really listening to another escapes us.  I have really bad moments of this.  I was talking with a coworker, while wanting to check email.  I actually said this: “do you need me to pay attention?”.  I laughed, realized the problem in that and corrected my behavior.

In Restorative Justice the person least deserving/most obligated to listening meets with the person most deserving/least obligated (IF I put judgements on the experience of victim and offender – I don’t like to use judgements).  My point is that the power in kindness is so alive.  Kindness gets us to stop and help strangers.  Helping strangers is humanity.  Helping strangers that hurt you, that’s humanity+ and I get to see it all the time in Restorative Justice.  I’m curious about that.  My curiosity leads to the learning and experiencing of more and more Restorative Justice.

What’s captured your curiosity lately?  Are you learning and experiencing the world through that?