It’s time to talk about my empty nest. Lessons for all of us.

There are cycles in nature, there are cycles in life.  Some days you feel on top of the pile and some times you feel like the pile.  My life is mid-cycle right now.  My daughter recently moved out.  She’s doing it her way, slowly.  She was home last night for a few hours, but didn’t sleep here.  I am forced to cope with this as she is handling it.  The transition is complicated, her car is being repaired and her job is here, her new home in the Cities.

I am trying to live my life restoratively.  That means being in ‘right relationship’ with others, all creation and creator.

I don’t know or feel like I am doing very good at that.  You see, I am hurting right now.  Sad to see this chapter in life end.  Sorry for all the moments I didn’t be a better Mom.  For the moments I was a great Mom, those opportunities are different now.  I have to figure out how to be SuperMom, in a different way. 

Yet I am faced with great opportunity for change right now.  I have a freedom of time and certain responsibility.  My life has eased up in a demanding category (housework, dishes, laundry – I find these things demanding).  I am in a pull to change and a pull to stay the same.

I am reminded of a quote – something about how our real character is who we are at our “in-between” times.  I’m “in-between”. 

My lessons to share:

1.) be mindful of the path.  Am I on the right path?  Who do I want to be.  What do I want to become.  Where are you on your path?

2.)small habits add up.  I haven’t made it to yoga and have NO excuse.  I haven’t packed and prepared my lunch, still eating what can be purchased quickly.  Change is a little over a long time, the littles add up.

3.)Here is here.  Now is now.  What can I do at this moment to be ME, the best person I am.  Just because of a role change, all the positive qualities I have are not gone.  I just need to BE.

Dear Readers, thank you for joining me on the journey.  The blog is going to be two years old in the fall.  Right now over 60,ooo views.  In the grand scheme of blogging that might be someone else’s daily volume, for me, I am honored to have contacted that many people.

I believe personal and professional mix.  I needed to document in this time and space where I am.  I hope the sharing of my life, helps with yours.