Restorative Justice and the age of webinars, easy access to training information.

My friends at IIRP are starting to use webinars, they are starting out with two great topics.  When that asked me to post this on my blog, I was happy to help and recommend these opportunities!

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The IIRP Graduate School is excited to announce a new series of webinars — live, web-based seminars about topics in restorative practices. We’ve scheduled two webinars to date.

Responding to Bullying with Restorative Practices
May 11, 2010—3:30-5:00pm EDT
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Presenters: Bob Costello, IIRP Director of Training & Consulting; John Bailie, IIRP Assistant Director of Training & Consulting

Bullying has become far too common in schools today, and its consequences can be tragic. Many programs try to prevent it, with varying results. What do you do when it happens anyway? You empower those who have been harmed, by means of supported, face-to-face meetings with those who have harmed them, and you widen the circle to include everyone who has been affected. Prohibiting such face-to-face meetings only ensures that that next time these parties cross paths no responsible adult will be present, and more bullying will result.

The webinar will also address:
how to identify bullying, a very specific power dynamic
the harm in labeling children as bullies or victims
bullying fallacies and controversies
Safer Saner Schools — Whole School Change Through Restorative Practices
May 25, 2010—3:30-5:00pm EDT
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Presenters: Bob Costello, IIRP Director of Training & Consulting; Steve Korr, IIRP Trainer & Consultant.

Learn more about the IIRP’s Safer Saner Schools Program, an effective way to achieve lasting whole-school culture change that builds relationships between students, staff and parents, improves student behavior, reduces violence and bullying and creates a sense of community.

The webinar will also address:
our comprehensive two-year school implementation program
how we customize plans based on a schools’ needs and goals
how we achieve 100% staff participation in restorative practices

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