How to love your job, 5 keys to unlock passion and committment.

At a recent social event, I was introduced, and it turned out the person had seen me speak about Restorative Justice.  The next comment was something about how I seemed really into it.  That kind of comment lights me up.  I usually get a big smile, and reinforce “why yes I am” and say a few more good things about restorative justice.

Sometimes, I say corney things like how my job gives me a “front row” to healing.  I imagine, I’m the Celeberity pictured at the Laker Game.  Who doesn’t want to be front row. 

Othertimes, I comment on how Restorative Justice lets me live my values.  Sometimes I just say how much I LOVE my job.


This post is about giving you some keys, to unlocking a door.  The door to feeling passion and purpose about your job.

Key 1Own it.  Be who you are.   I am Kris Miner, Restorative Justice fanatic, all the time.  It has annoyed boyfriends that I talk about work.  Friends encourage me to read novels.  Well I have taken my job, and made it about me.  Made it who I am.  Balance is highly recommended, don’t forget you are also Mother, Daughter, Friend, sister, etc.  People who own who they are take pride in their work, they are invested.

Key 2 Do it with LOVE.  I have went to a massage therapist and she made ME, want to be a massage therapist.  I got my haircut by someone so into it I wanted to be cutting hair.  The LOVE is contagious.  You don’t have to LOVE milking cows, but you can do it LOVINGLY, and that makes a big difference.  Believe me I’ve milked cows, made beds, wiped butts in a nursing home.  Lovingly feels so much better.  Lovingly means your focus is on others and not yourself.

Key 3Work Hard.  Nothing pays off like hard word.  You feel good for putting in the effort.  Even if a boss, coworker or client doesn’t take note, you know.  I have worked hard, people notice.  Working hard means going out of your way every once in awhile.  I keep a mental list of rationale, by finding times people have gone out of their way.  Our program began because someones wife sent information about RJ.  If I get asked I try to send helpful packets, and information along.  It was a seed that created what is now SCVRJP.  So I go out of my way and sew seeds.

Key 4Stay Fresh.  Things change, people change.  Have you met the person who has stopped growing inside, kind of grouchy, they see the world the same and its usually negative.  Be amazed by the new, the fresh, the developments.  Everything changes, be aware of best practice in your field.  Be open to trying something a little different.  In a recent Circle, I was casually passing the talking piece to the left or right.  It popped in my head there was a time I only went left.  I was glad to be comfortable with this style and practice.

Key 5Recognize Meaning.  Everything has a purpose and there is a purpose to everything.  Can you finish this sentance?  I was put on this earth to_________ .  You get to make up this sentance.   You have equal value and equal worth as anyone else.  Have this conversation with yourself.  What were you put on this earth to do.  Are you doing it?  There is nothing more powerful than a connection.  Connect to people, connect to values, connect to your meaning.

Now if I could just stop losing my own keys!