A dating relationship measure, “Melting Pot worthy”.

Yes, by Melting Pot, I mean the fondue restaurant chain, Melting Pot.

from meltingpot.com

I had the good fortune of being introduced to the restaurant with some male friends.  While traveling I caught up with an old friend, a social media friend and made a new friend.  Here is a photo of all of us at a Melting Pot Restuarant in Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

We only had a dessert portion of the melting pot experience.  We had already had supper, but decided to catch a drink after.

As the four of us socialized we really had quality conversation.  Paul and Ben knew each other, but Matt had just met each of them.  I had just met Matt in person, Paul and I have known each other for a few years.  Ben and I only knew each other from an earlier workshops session.  Yet I was struck by how conversational the evening was, and what fun we had chatting.

At one point in the evening we spoke to the host, Jason.  He was full of helpful information regarding the history of Melting Pots and the “event” of having a full Melting Pot experience.  It really made me want to experience an entire meal at the Melting Pot.  Since the process takes awhile to go from appetizer to dessert, I commented on the importance of being in good company.  I joked about having ‘melting pot’ worthy friends.  I was glad to be in excellent melting pot company that evening.

I now measure my dating relationships up to the Melting Pot test.  Would it be enjoyable to have a long meal with this person?  My answer really should be “yes”.  It may seem shallow, but two months ago I got a real awareness when I asked this question.

So as I post on this two months after the fact, I go catch the Melting Pot link for the post.  They have a facebook application where you pair your friends.  Hmmm, maybe I’m not the only one that sees the Melting Pot dating test . . .