Having no boundaries works . . . when it comes to volunteer recruitement.

I got the wrong number and tried to get the person to become a volunteer.

A man on the treadmill next to me,  tried making small talk, I tried to get him to volunteer.  Someone came to the office to use the phone.  I got him to volunteer.  To convert a wrong number to a volunteer, that’s a new one, even for me.

I was trying to call the high school and on two occasions I dialed a 6 where I needed a 3.  I did this in the last month, from both my work line and cell phone.  No answer on the line and I realized my error in dialing.  I thought to myself, the person is going to see this on caller ID and wonder.

I was right.

I had a voicemail today, and the caller shared that my numbers were coming up on his deceased Mothers line.  He stated he was familiar with Restorative Justice and would be interested in speaking with me.

I called back, explained my poor memory regarding numbers.  He explained being retired from corrections and that he had actually taken a few trainings in restorative justice.  He thought someone had harmed his mother and was trying to make amends.  I told him how much I liked retired volunteers, they offer a lot of wisdom in Circles.

He told me I was one of the few people that thought that.  He said he was feeling that as he got older he was being heard, less and less.  I had to jump on that, and explain how wise you get from years of experience.  Told him if he already had the training we’d love to have him.  We joked about how wise my own Dad got from when I was 21 until 30.  We built a conversational relationship from my wrong number, it was fun.

When I mentioned volunteering at SCVRJP again,  he’ said “I’ll think about it”.

Maybe I didn’t get him to volunteer, but I let him know he’s still important and that was worth my time.  I found my new favorite quote on the Circle of Courage webpage.

Be related somehow, to everyone you know. – Ella Deloria