If you only visit one blog about restorative justice, make it RJOB.

I really respect and appreciate the work at  Restorative Justice Online.  As part of the Prision Fellowship Internation and The Center for  Justice and Reconcilliation the Restorative Justice  blog is awesome.

Dan VanNess and the other correspondents do a terrific job of combing the internet and brining together articles, review, opinions and writing helpful articles themselves.

You can also find them on facebook, and that gives you another view to scroll thru stories, articles and posts.

I have to admit, I like to see what posts they pick up from Circlespace and post over on their site.  Then when I visit  I am always impressed by what I find, and I should admit I can be a bit of a ‘restorative snob’, like a person who knows alot about wine.  I imagine there is a better way to explain that notion.  It’s almost 6 pm and tonight was my night to not work late.  

The gem of the day, I found via RJOB, was this free booklet explaining 40 conferences, very cool.  Click here:  pdf link.