Why I am writing a book on Safe Teen Driving Circles.

I had to title the blog in present tense.  To say I am doing this.  I am writing a book on Safe Teen Driving Circles.

The number one cause of death for people 16-24 is car crashes.  Depending on the study 40-60% of those crashes involve alcohol.  The other 40-60% involve other factors.  For example distracted driving (by an ipod, cell phone or friend).  Teens made risky driving choices.

This means that parents are losing teens to something preventable and sudden.  Losing a loved one, before the natural order of life adds trauma to the grief.  Preventable and sudden are also common denominators when trauma is involved.  I love my own kid more than anything else.  I’m writing the book for those parents who have lost a child.

I’m also writing the book to teach others about using Circle process.  The use of Circle in Safe Teen Driving Circles is the “topic” selected for the Circle.  I started with Kay Pranis, and Peacemaking Circle approach.  Her tool that indicated how to address problem-solving with relationship building became the four phases of Circle that I use. 

Restorative Justice is typically a response to wrong-doing.  The Safe Teen Driving Circle process is using Circles to prevent, address a problem.  Stories of those tragically impacted share their heart, their experience and the reality they live.  It is the story within the Circle process that is designed to change teen behavior.

I’m writing the book.