Keeping quotes & notes to promote Restorative Justice techniques.

Take Pain as a Passport To Help Others.

Heal whatever Thwarts your Good.

Why are you going?

Your work is to find your work.  Then to do it with all your heart.  -Buddha

Happiness – simply do the right thing.  Just do the next right thing.

Circles help us step towards our best self.  Values & living in those.

I want to know if you don’t agree.

The quotes above are from a little notebook of mine.  I keep little notebooks, of quotes, ideas, websites to visit and books to read.  I’ve added listing ideas for blog posts, to the notes in these notebooks. 

The notebook, where I found these quotes was from ’07, I didn’t start blogging until September of 2008.  I guess I was keeping snapshots like this for something. 

Each of the concepts listed above, is about Restorative Justice.  I don’t know what I was reading when I found these, but I’ve made them my own.  These quotes have helped me in my practice. 

To see that people that have experienced tragedy as having a ‘passport’, that means they have traveled somewhere the rest of us haven’t.  We don’t have to travel to the destination of grief and loss to be helped.  I think of one of our volunteers, he didn’t intend to kill anybody, but it happened, after he decided to drink and drive.  Now, he helps others.  He’s turned the experience into one of service.  His story is one aspect, but the pain, the pain he suffers from what happened, is the lesson.  It could be young people ticketed for underage drinking or a audience at a victim impact panel, where everyone attending did the same thing, drove drunk, just without the lethal consequence. 

Ironically enough in the same notebook, was the phone number of the Mother of the victim in the situation above.  She was also in contact with me about volunteering and sharing her story, her story of her son’s death.

Growing in restorative justice means developing and deepening your own relationship to positive values.