Twitter as a restorative community, get in action to make it happen.

I am a twitter-er.  A twitterbee.  Twitter_256x256Right now I am following 600 people and I have almost 400 people following me.  I follow people based on interests in Bikram Yoga, Nonprofit, Restorative Justice and personal growth.   I have few writing and public speaking connections as well.

The thing I like about Twitter – is that you create your community based on who you follow.  I’ve gotten into a routine of reading tweets before bed.  I like to see what is being said, many good quotes, links to stories, websites and resources.  I try to be someone people would want to follow. 

I try to post funny, that’s life, kinds of things.  Of course I am throwing in a link to my own blog or an article on Restorative Justice I’d like to share.

The point is, I’m in action here and I’m making it happen.

  I’ve also been in action with Bikram yoga, the benefits are amazing!  In addition to losing 5 pounds, my waist, arms, face and hips all seem slimmer, the tone is obvious.  I also had really good blood pressure at the doctor.  When I was asked for a few deep breaths, I realized my lung capacity had improved.  This hasn’t been without the hard work.  I didn’t make the 30 day challenge, HOWEVER, I do get to 3-4 classes a week.

At my last two Bikram Yoga classes, there were people sitting out postures.  Maybe I didn’t ever notice this happened.  Maybe by chance I got two classes in a row, where I was near the “sideliners”.  I didn’t understand it in the first class.  Except I recognized one guy from an early class and not very far into the class, he was on his hands and knees and you could just see him battling the heat.  I thought:  “mind over matter buddy”.  The harder you fight the heat, the harder it is.  I learned that in sweat lodge.  You surrender to win.

But sitting out, and not even trying.  I couldn’t believe it.  I took a dose of thankfulness that I am me.  I realize that it’s a gift to be an engaged active person.  You get zero benefit from zero effort.

I was telling my daughter and her friend about these people that don’t even try.  I teased that I was going to say “hey will you get me a drink of water if you aren’t going to do anything”.  They laughed, it was kinda mean.  But the “sideliners” weren’t even trying.  It occured to me, I didn’t need to be annoyed with someone else I needed to focus on me.

Then I find the twitter: 

“The worst thing you write is better than the best thing you didn’t write.”~Sol Saks

from:  RT@WritingSpirit: RT @bridgebldr

(RT means RT, you acknowledge that someone else said this, you re-tweet them)  I realized I’ve been a “sideliner” about my book.  I put it down in Febuary and I’ve not been back to it.  I’m working with a great coach, we’re halfway done and well . . . a blog post of effort.

Twitter is helping me stay real.  Twitter is helping think of things different.  I find that community of relationships restorative.  In a way I am being held accountable by people telling the truth on twitter.

Where in your life are you “sidelining” it?  Let’s tackle those spots head on,  zero benefit in zero effort.