My newest talking piece, a gift that shows some people really “get” Restorative Justice.

I got a new talking piece last night.  It came with a wonderful explanation.

My newest talking piece
My newest talking piece

As it was presented to me, the giver said:  “It has all kinds of colors, a variety, like people, so it shows everyone is included.  You can bring things back together with stitching.”  He ran his finger along the seam of the bright red threads.  I took the ball.  He went on to say “life can throw you a curve ball, but you can still hit a home run”.  I smiled and said “that’s great!”  “oh yeah, and it’s round” he added.

I love talking pieces that are given to me as gifts.  The story comes with the piece.  It’s so much better than saying “I picked this up at Wal-mart”.  Now I can carry forward the givers take on this talking piece.
As I type this I keep picking it up and rolling it in my hand.  I love the tie-dye and I love the fact it is a baseball.  I’ve used an old beat up softball as a talking piece, but I’ve never had a baseball.  I immediately decided it would be one of the pieces for my next college class. 
I knew the person giving me the talking piece “got” restorative justice.  He noted inclusiveness, repairing harm and bringing the good from the bad.  All in that talking piece description.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to share Restorative Justice philosophy with so many people.  I like having it come right back to me like a boomerang.