Making a personal committment to challenge myself and change.

I have decided to do a 30 day Bikram challenge.  That means in 30 days, 30 sessions of Bikram Yoga.

Check this out:  [youtube=]

I wrote an earlier post about Bikram.  How much I am really, really liking it.  I started this post on July 20 and right this moment it is July 25.  So in the last 7 days I have done 4 Bikram yoga classes.  That means I missed 3 days this last week.  I’m going to restart the 30 days now.

I’ll spare you my excuses for not making those 3 days.

This is a post about making changes.  Change is not easy.  I know I’ve changed some things in my past.

For example I quit smoking, quit dating controlling disrespectful men, quit a daily habit of yummy, fluffy, chocolately sweet, coffeelicous mocha’s.  Everyone has change examples.  We change regardless of wanting to . . . my need for readers, the slower loss of weight (when I do get into an exercise routine), the need for more sleep.  The ability to understand, appreciate and respect the love of friends and family.

We all change, we all evolve, we all grow.

What about when we want to do it on purpose?  That comes from the inside out.  Restorative Justice is about change.  Its about changing harmful and hurting behavior.  Its about personal responsibility and accountability.  And accoutability to yourself, when no one is watching.

The world could most definately go on if Kris Miner doesn’t tone up and lose weight.  My life would really be relatively the same.  But I FEEL better when my clothes aren’t tight.  I like to feel good in my skin.  To change you have to focus on what you like and what is GOOD.

How can we do this in Restorative Justice?  How do we teach young people, being good FEELS better than hurting people.  I am going to track my change process, my committment to 30 days of Bikram and keep you posted.