“I’m narcissistic, I’m a blogger” Mena Trott

I had some leisure time today, so I was watching TED video’s.  I love watching the speakers to pick up public speaking skills and the content is always excellent.  You learn a great deal watching anything on TED.Mena Trout on TED

It had been awhile since I had done this, the on-line time in my life used to be reading and surfing.  Now my on-line time has been about blogging.  Producing more that consuming.

Today I watched a video on blogging by Mena Trott.  Click here if interested.  I was drawn in as she did the very best of speaking things – she shared more about herself and who she is.  She explained her blogging experiences and the power of blogging.

It struck me when she said “I’m narcissistic, I’m a blogger”.  From her presentation, she did not appear arrogant or what I would consider narcissistic.  The way she claimed it was very cute.  Isn’t that how it works, when we claim the things that our friends would say about us behind our backs?

Mena’s talk presented a little more about the type of person that would choose to blog.  Lately I’ve been wondering about my little hobby here, to keep this blog.  See, I am super busy, yet I find time to blog (nearly daily).  When Mena’s talk explained the importance of personal recordkeeping on who you are, I got that.

As I weigh out, busy life, priorities, why blog, it’s become a stress relieving saving grace to blog.  It keeps me a little more accoutable to something.  Blogging nearly daily.  Honestly, I do cheat once in awhile.  I like to see my calendar full, and sometimes I’ll back date an entry instead of post 2 on one day.  That’s why there is a calendar on the site, for me to keep track of doing this daily.

Last week at a training, someone approached me and said she found the blog really helpful.  That justified a good 3 months of work.  See I get value out of this so I put value in.  The value I get back is helping other people, and promoting Restorative Justice Circles.

I put value into investing in myself.  I guess as Mena put it, I’m narcissistic.