I believe in blogging and I believe you could be a blogger.

I did a post back in October – writers, write and painters paint.   I didn’t know that in 7 months over 8,000 people would have taken a look at my blog, my writing.  It’s given me many gifts. 

Recently in Texas, at a National Conference someone told me how much they like my blog.  I almost got a head rush, trying to think of all the things she knows about me.  Right now I have 234 posts, I haven’t exactly been guarded.  Since my mouth was closed, thinking of how to respond.  She shared how cool she thought it was that my Aunt posted the comment for me.  Click here to read that post.  I liked that, hearing what she thought was a great story from this blog.  That helped me relate right back to her.

Blogging has helped me develop confidence in my writing skills.  My style of writing has become pretty apparent.  I’m not shy (not that I was prior to the blog) about certain thoughts and opinions.  I guess there is no point to stating an opinion if you can’t make a good arguement for it.  We ALL have stories.  We can all be bloggers.

I have found now, that I keep suggesting and encouraging other people to be bloggers.  I tried to encourage an Attorney who is running a Juvenile Justice program in a law school “you can be blogger”.  I also suggested this the Mother of a murdered child.  I think the benefit of “putting yourself” out there in a blog helps you grow as a person.

imagesNike said it best . . . Just Do It.

Start blogging.  I did it for awhile before telling people about it.  Now it’s a standard part of email signatures.  I also say I’m a blogger when I introduce myself to a group.

SCVRJP recently interviewed for a program assistant position.  A few people had read my blog.  The absolutely knew who they would be working for.  To tell you the truth.  I think a few board members sitting in the interview, may have been curious enough to look at this.

Where do you express yourself?  Where do you show who you are and what your values are?  See, blogging can do that for you.

I’ve also found that people are open to giving feedback and suggestions.  That’s helpful.  Knowing how to even try to put in links gets you going in the right direction.

I’d love to see more Restorative Justice practitioners, teachers, educators start blogging.  Our new staff person started today.  I was telling her about restorative justice.  She’s a little familiar to the concept.  I’m so vividly confident about it.  She said “there must be some people who don’t agree with this”.  I laughed, oh yes, there are some.  Restorative Justice is looking at things very differently.  Lets start blogging more about it.

If you have any questions please let me know, I’d love to help you cross any hurdles!

blogger, Kris