Random thoughts on a Saturday morning, caring and sharing.

I just started being a college professor, I feel like I just started.  I’m teaching one class a semester and I am teaching my third class.  Two sections on Intro to RJ and one section of Advanced.  It began with a request to teach, and teach using Circle process.  Honestly, my initial inner motivation was to be in Circle with the same group of people for 16 weeks in a row.  Outward motivation:  it was on my ‘when I grow up list’.  Early on in college I felt a few professors were ‘making a difference’.  I would sometimes day dream in class, and I was thinking about how I would teach. 

Like becoming a professor – blogging has also taught me this about myself:  I have   a lot to say.  I have a lot to say about Restorative Justice.  Recently ran into a Zig Ziglar quote (thanks to someone on twitter).  I remember it like this:  people won’t give a damn about how much you know, unless they know how much you care.  Think about that one again and again. 

Writing this blog is a way to show I care.  Another thing I do is really help anyone who asks.  Yesterday I replied to an email and listed off two potential DVD’s offered to get one in the mail and then provided 2 or 3 you tube links.  When a caller from East Coast contacted me with questions, I forwarded a power point  and a packet full of resources later that day.  (side note, do I really have to wonder about how come my book isn’t written?)

The value of generosity is important to me.  I read about it in a book about Lakota people.  If anyone admires anything (of yours) you should give it to them, they need it more than you do.  It also taught me a lesson, when I teased about how much I liked someones necklace, she took it off and gave it to me.  It was an amazing act of friendship that I will never forget.  I paid it forward and gave away a necklace the very next day.  Something I wore every once in awhile became a cherished gift to someone else.

Back to the post (which by the way I’ve stopped and changed the title twice).  Sometimes I just need to blog or write awhile to figure out where I am going!  I keep an eye on my word count because I try to average 400.  I know you’re busy – and a few minute lesson on RJ is my goal for each entry.  Sigh . . .

So the lessons in this post . . . follow your heart, care deeply, share fully.

My heart led me to teaching and blogging, it was a deep caring about restorative justice.  I am fortunate enough to make my living by being a full time director and that blessing is what I share fully.