My attempt at “batch” blogging. I didn’t feel restorative.

I tried a new time mangement technique – relative to blogging.  I learned about it reading Problogger, it’s called ‘Batch Blogging’.  I wrote 6 posts on Sunday and had one scheduled to publish for each day of the week.  So then during the week (in theory) I wouldn’t have to take time blogging.

Here’s what happened.  I still thought about the blog, I even did two posts this week.  I didn’t wait and save them for the future.  I published them right away.  One was because I talked to Carol that day and was so impressed I HAD to get news of her book out.   My goal has been to blog daily, I read that is needed at first for a successful blog.

All comments get forwarded to me via email, so I don’t miss anything that logging in would provide me.  Yet, I felt like I was ‘out of the loop’.  I missed being on the WordPress site and in my Circlespace account.  I found it tempting to want to know how the stats were for the day.  I like to know if there is interest in what I am blogging about and what posts are getting frequent visits.

I then had to go into self-analysis and worry mode.  Was I was overly connected to my blog? 

Then a positive today, I had lunch with a new colleague.  He mentioned my background and that I was from South Dakota.  I immediately knew he read this blog.  Our relationship hit the ground running.  He was very interested and very helpful about the work of SCVRJP.  I let him know the about me page was one I had written and thought it over before posting.  It seems that putting myself out there in this instance really worked.

Back to ‘batch’ blogging.  I like the idea of having a few 1/2 drafts or idea blogs.  But I guess I am not so busy I can’t keep my labor of love  (this blog) in the present tense.  Meaning I write in a ‘real time’ format, I will post my thoughts, ideas and experiences as I experience them. 

Here is how batch blogging didn’t feel like Restorative Justice and some tips on preparing offenders and victims for Restorative Justice Process.

1.) Be fully present.  It might also be called ‘mindful’ in total awareness of where you are and what you are doing.  I was trying to let the blog go on auto pilot while I was busy.  I found my preference is to blog as I go and be present here. 

When preparing to an offender of a victim for a conference – ask about things they may need to ‘let go of’ in order to be fully present during the dialogue.  By asking this, you can find needs that you could help attend to.  I bring this question up when the victim is deciding who should go first in sharing.  You should let the victim decide.  One victim wanted the offender to decide. 

2.) Stay focus on the process not the outcome.  I started blogging to help others learn about RJ and to help meet some of my own goals.  I wanted to get some writing practice.  The process of blogging was important, the process of writing and sharing.  I lost sight and worked on the outcome – 1 blog a day.

Be careful of what you think should be an outcome of Restorative Justice.  Your role as a facilitator is to prepare, PREPARE each side for the meeting.  Clear the path so the dialouge can take place.  I was so fortunate to get to attend Dr. Mark Umbriets training.  He uses 3 “prepares” when he talks to this!

The process of Restorative Justice is what heals.  It’s easy to loose sight of the purpose, I think it’s how we’re made.  Just like if you focus on happiness its a moving target.  You have to be happy in the present moment.  So that is back to point 1.

Written and posted 9:45 pm Friday evening!