Excellent New Book about Restorative Justice!

gviewI haven’t even read this yet, my copy was already mailed and I can’t wait for it to arrive.  The author and I spoke on the phone today and she was so genuine and authentic, I just know it will be a great book.  Over the past three years Carol Harcarik put countless hours into interviewing and observing some remarkable examples of Restorative Justice.  With her background in investigative reporting and passion for what gives us “hope” the book on Restorative Justice emerged.  Carol has been in touch with some of my favorite people for this book.  Mark Umbriet, Janine Geske, Howard Zehr and the Barron County Restorative Justice Program.  From speaking to conference participants to impact panel speakers she gathered the essence of what happens.

I hope to keep in contact with Carol.  I shared with the the upcoming WRJC Conference information – we should both be there and have books along to sell.  I sent her in the direction of the National RJ Conference and I’ll have books along there too.

If you want to get your copy ordered – email hartingtonpress@aol.com  or call 920-648-3901.  Be sure to tell them that you found out about the book from the Circlespace Blog or Kris Miner.