Living a blog-able life is a win-win situation.

I believe in being congruent.  I try to practice what I preach.  Actually I try not to preach, I teach by example.  Anyway – – you don’t stand for one set of values and behave as if you have another.

I have always been more open and outgoing than average.  I would catch my off guard when Catherine would comment on my blog and “putting myself out there”.  I wouldn’t even have considered that I had!

I did develop a term . . . “Overblogging” that means when you post it and feel nervous later.  Ut-oh . . . I “overblogged” said more than I should have.  I found that the analysis that followed really helped promote my own self awareness and personal growth.  Whenever we ask ourselves questions like:

-why did I do that?

-what was the point?

-what’s my real purpose here?

-does this fit in my mission, goals?

– and am I in my intergrity?

It is definately a win-win to be learning more about myself.  The other aspect is that I have found a life ‘barometer’.  Certain situations in my life, just simply need blogged.  I had to blog about some breakup stuff, my Aunt’s comment, good Lord those hives.  I am using my life as an experience an example of being a Restorative Justice practitioner. 

Restorative Justice is a wholistic approach – looking at the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental dimensions of an individual.  I have to present you the reader, with the whole picture of who I am.

Therefore, sometimes I’ve asked myself . . . could I blog on this?  Well not ALL the time, I really don’t have these major things coming up.  I stay awake from major moral dilemma’s by remaining pretty darn ethical and certainly in my values.

Side story.  Today at Goodwill, I complimented the woman checking out ahead of me.  She had these colorful cool candholders.  We exchanged a little conversation about how we both dropped off items in the back and came in the front.  She said she was going to get the platter I was waiting to purchase.  I immediately asked her if she wanted it.  Without a second thought.  It made me feel good to practice one of my top values, generosity.  She said ‘no’ to taking the platter.  I’m not perfect, a tiny part of me was relieved she declined my offer.  But I would have handed it over and told her to enjoy it all the more. 

So, see, I was living a blog-able life.