Blogging and the love of a new “busiest day”.

I just love blogging!  It has become such a favorite hobby of mine.  I never got that word “hobby” like I do now.  I like blogging so much, I have memorized a few facts about it.  One million posts go on blogs daily, that’s a world number.  77 million Americans read blogs.  Interestingly enough they are only 4 or 5 years old, depending on who you reference.

For me, I’ve enjoyed the new frontier, the new language in my life.  The new way of seeing the world and thinking about typing up the story in a blog.

The other thing I find fun, my competitive side, or my side that likes to have measurement.  (isn’t that nicer ‘measurement’ over ‘competition’). 

Anyway . . . the blog will give you your stats.  One of the stats is “busiest day”.  I glance at it at the bottom of the screen.  I’ve had 4 different busiest days so far.  They become benchmarks or bookmarks in my mind about the progress of this blog.

The first one was easy, after a few weeks of blogging I finally told some people I was doing it and they took a look.  Another ‘busiest day’ occured after someone told all of her network to look at it.  I put something on my Twitter update, that got me a busiest day.

Then today . . . I discover three days ago was a record busiest day!  Leaping ahead of the past busiest day by about 30 more views!  Wow, 125 people looked at my blog in 1 day.  What makes this my favorite, busiest day is that I don’t have any other factor playing into it, except the blog itself.  That’s pretty cool.  Thanks readers.

Inhale, exhale, recieve and give.  Thank you Yvette for that beautiful demonstration in Circle.  Giving my stories in the blog has allowed me to recieve, knowing these stories are being viewed. 

Peace – Kris