Contracting with SCVRJP for training and workshops

I really enjoy the aspect of my job, that includes traveling to train.  Someone called my board ‘progressive’ for having this part of our programming.  Your agency would pay SCVRJP a flat training day rate, plus travel and lodging expenses.  I would come train, the training fees cover my time away from being Executive Director and helps SCVRJP as a funding source.  Not a very big one, but none the less, it helps SCVRJP promote a culture of peace and belonging (our mission statement).

The upside, is that I have lots of experience.  I have recent stories of  Circle facilitation, I’m an active facilitator of what I train on.  I can bring practical real life advice, because I have been faced with plenty of challenges.

The downside, is that I am not a “trainer” 100% of the time.  Last week, I was lost.  Downtown Milwaukee, I couldn’t find the building.  I had mapquest, I asked strangers, I kept calling the center, it was 8:15 am and they don’t answer phones until 9 am.  The training was supposed to start at 8:30.  Gheeesh! If that is the best I have to learn, I guess I am doing pretty good!

The point of the email is to have this in one place.

Here is a list of the trainings offered by SCVRJP and in the order I would recommend:

1 – 1 day over view of Restorative Justice.  A basic course, usually focus on schools.  For the agency with very little or no experience with Restorative Justice

2 – 2 days of Circle Keeper Training.  This provides a basic keeper skillset, ideas for beginning to facilitate community building and problem solving Circles.

3 – 1 or 2 days – Reinforcement Training – I visit your school or agency and co-keep or facilitate Circles.  These are usually busy days for me, going from class to class doing Circles all day.  Then spending time with staff/teachers to offer feedback and answer questions.

4 – Conference and Workshop presentations or keynote sessions.  I’ll provide a relevant workshop on topics ranging from basice Restorative Justice to programs we developed at SCVRJP addressing Underage Drinking and Safe Teen Driving.

Once you select the training you would like – contact me and we can set up the dates.  Your agency will invest $1,000 a day, plus travel & lodging costs.  We will negotiate the training rate, so don’t hesistate if that amount is difficult for your agency.  You can also reduce the training rate by utilizing a package purchase.  One school had me over the course of 15 months.  I visited 4 or 5 times, I even added a day just to help them out.

We’ll sign a contract – basic info that you agree funds are available for this, what the mileage will be, specific dates of the training and what the training will be.

I do like to get details needed so we both experience the best possible outcome.  Today I heard back from a contracted training – they said feedback was “outstanding”.  Another training participant was ready to move ahead with Safe Teen Driving Circles.  Yeah, the material is sticking!  I guess my passion really is contangious. 

Thank goodness the hives are not!