Be a “Circle Star” . . . like super star, rock star, shining star!

I log on to wordpress today and a banner ad . . . make circlestarspace your own domain today, $15 a year

WordPress invented a new concept for me!  Circle-Star!  I had planned to log on and do a blog post about getting to be my best self today.  I got to do a Circle keeper training today, at the Benedict Center in Milwaukee, WI.  This includes being in Circle and being a Circlekeeper all day.  I love it.  I really, really, really love Circle.  I love the spontaneous creation of human-ness.  Sometimes its hard for me to actually teach others, because so much of it comes from gut instinct.

benedictFor example, today after lunch, I didn’t expect to start off really deep.  But I told the story about one of my students, and then I read a poem that he wrote.  I spontaneously moved into a Circle question about the poem.  We ended up telling stories about our fathers.  Moving, intimate and healing stories.  I found myself in the other stories, I found myself in the described relationships.  I felt the true Circle flow, when you end drained by the good.  It was powerful.

I was also my “circle-star” self when I started talking about RJ in Schools.  I can tell when I am on fire, the passion is pulsing.  I am unwaveringly convincible when I am in this state of describing the process or the outcomes.  It is usually here when people tell me they can see my passion.  So then I try to be like a wise old turtle, stick my head in my shell, and listen to what others have for wants, needs and questions.  It’s a give and take. 

I could feel the Circle process being embraced, and I could see the ah-moments for application.  We had teachers and program assistants, directors and volunteers.  I can tell this is a group that will be taking the training and putting it right to work.  I had some excellent questions today.  One person really nailed it with asking me about moving from my first experience as a participant to know as a keeper.  It really hit me, what I feel indebted to this process for.

I owe it to Circle process to be a great person.  A person of Circle values – honesty, respect, compassion.  I don’t mean great as in lots of cash or fame.  I mean great as in, people want to be around me.  People know they can count on me.  Great as in – you know Kris Miner will always do her best for others.  That means being a ‘CircleStar’ . . . be a Star with me . . . a Circle Star!!!