The last thing I want to be blogging about . . . hives.

Hives.  The little buggers are still hanging around.  My back and arms now.  Last night, I got so frustrated and all over itchy, I just had to drop everything and take an Aveeno Oatmeal bath.  When the bottom of my foot started itching in the bath I thought I would lose my mind!

I’m at the 6 week mark with these things, so by text book standards, they about to be labeled “chronic”.  Great. 

I have tried every remedy I can think of.  I am ready to clear my schedule and go on a fast or detox to try to clear my system.   Does anyone have any ideas?  Look what I’ve already tried!  Some are pretty wacky!

– stop any new skin product, laundry soap, body soap, foods, teas – anything that is associated with Christmas time.  That’s when they started.

-question every food I bite, stopped eating anything that could be “in question” was it the tomatoes, cabbage, grapefruit . . . .

-meditating: the love of the hives, the body healing, fresh pink clear skin, healing, releasing stress, etc. etc.

-regular doc – two visits, one for ‘fungus’ cream.  Then back for steriods and more cream.  Steroids slowed it down, came right back.

-Dermatologist – higher dose of steroids, came right back when the steroids were done.  Cream was $236, stayed with old cream.  Hives popped up somewhere else, so cream is not stopping the real problem.

-Inipi Ceremony (sweat lodge) – it’s a healing ceremony, so I wanted to leave there finished with the hives.  Didn’t seem to help with the hives, all though it always helps me to do that.

-Burned a candle till it was done – – to represent everything I need to “let go of”, to get anything that was “under my skin” resolved.  House smelled good, still hives.

-Acupuncture – wind in my body, or I have too much heat, moist heat I believe he said.  Not sure if the 12 recommended treatments, would really help.  Minus $87 and itched all the way home.  Not going again.

-Dermatologist visit again – – now on 3 antihistamines!  Limited relief, mostly miserable!  Trying to guess is it at home.  So today (Saturday I came to work almost 12 hours ago) still itching. 

So what now . . .I am itching to a distraction level life is not pleasant, scabs on my legs, butt and back.  I’m not even remotely interested in dating my body is a mess!  I wonder what all theses medications are doing to my system.

So did I somehow become MORE allergic to my cat?  Did years of daily Claritin (allergy antihistamine) cause a sudden immunity level?

Gosh I really want this to end.




let a candle burn until it went out – – representing letting go of anything