Taking Risks in Circle – – building relationships

Today we held the second class session of Advanced Restorative Justice.  We held the class in Circle, and did a few fun activities.

In addition to the openining, values, committment and getting acquainted questions we each got 3 or 4 pipecleaners.  The assignment was to make a shape that represented how we were feeling at the moment.  I use the neurobic benefit of this activity, explaining a ‘neurobic’ to students.  After a minute, we passed the talking piece around, the first round was not about our creations, but about how we responded to the activity. 

Next we shared our shapes and what they were “saying” about how we were doing at the moment.  We worked at transistioning our feelings in the moment to a pipe cleaner shape.  It was interesting to see what people created.  I did a heart in a heart, for feeling my heart is full and content.

We also did an activity called “bio poem” we filled in blanks about what we love, fear, need, give, want to see.  We took turns reading our poems, we also passed the talking piece about what we learned about ourselves and others in hearing the poems.

I posed a question to the Circle, where people took a risk today.  Risks are when you go beyond who you are, share more than you thought.  We had all sorts of example, and found connection in that we all steps a little further beyond who we are.  It was a good class.

I am having the advanced students work on a few other relationships.  For example since we have so much independent study time in this class, I want to stay in touch.  Each student will have a day to send an email to me, this will be a lesson in maintaining a relationship.  Each student is assigned a day to email me.  I look forward to seeing how this goes.

This class also requires a new activity.  A class “jlog” or “blornal”  meaning a class journal, kept on a blog format.  Each student is required to learn blogging – as part of the class.  I think this will help them a great deal.  They will leave the class with practitioner skills around Restorative Justice, and knowledge about being a ‘blogger’.  I am excited to see how this works out.

Check out our class project . . . www.restorativejusticeuwrf.blogspot.com.