Blogging and Bookwriting – making progress


The photo:  Today I worked at home, and my cat sleeping on my bed, which is typically NEVER allowed was something different for me.  Just like hammering out over 3,00 words for the upcoming book On the Road Together:  Safe Teen Driving Circles.

I love blogging, it is something I get to do.  The blog is a constant work in progress, a growing resource.  Writing the book is something I have to do.  Ok not technically, I mean I WANT to write the book.  I want people to have another resource on how to do a certain type of Circle.  I want to spread the word and works of SCVRJP.  It’s a labor of love because a deadline is looming.

We got the funds from Allstate in May of 2008.  I need to have the manuscript to the editor by the first of March.

Briefly – May thru August – I did nothing on the book.  Didn’t even make an appointment or schedule time to do it.  Woke up from denial that if you don’t do it, it won’t get done.

Aug – Sept – reduced duties, resigned committee memberships and trained in an office staff person.  Started blog, trying to write something, better than nothing.  Hired a writing coach.  Got motivated.  Created a writing plan.

Sept-Dec– began writing.  Found road blocks, checking emails and doing laundry doesn’t increase the word count.  Developed the outline, started making progress.  Lots of reading and research to contribute.

Now this whole 8 months, I’ve been running a non-profit and holding a second job as a adjunct professor (only teaching one class).

Today I got over 3,000 words down.  Ready to add this to the 10,000+ I already have.  I’ve found my groove (today).  I break my book writing into 500 word blog posts.  So I made a list of “pseudo posts” (for the book) and I am working away.

Okay – – back to that!