Random Gifts of Gratitude!

A large box arrived in the office.  I was busy adding my case numbers together for a grant report.  “Did you order something out of wood?”.  That got my attention, I peeked in the box, full of packing peanuts, yet a curved wooden edge was peaking out.  “Is that really our package?”  We checked the label.  UPS delivery for Kris Miner.  I checked the sender, Glen Amundson.  The name range a bell, a very nice man from a Circle Training a few years back.  Could it be, what was this?

We poured out the package pieces and I lifted out the beautifully wooden paper towel holder with 3 drawers.  I unwrapped the drawers and took one out.  I commented on the craftmanship.  The grooves, the perfect stain.  I picked up the letter that was placed in the wrapping.  The letter said:

Kris, several years ago I attended one of your Restorative Justice training.  It was my first training on the restortive justice topic and I loved it.  You also gave me several good resources on restorative justice over the years.  To show my appreciation, I made you something.  Hope you like it.dscn4027

That brought me to a quiet greatful place in my soul.  A calm.  I was so touched and moved by this gift.  I called Glenn right away and thanked him.  He reminded me how much he liked what he learned and how he believed in our mission.  He also shared that the wood used was retrieved from a scrap bin on the way to be burned.  That just added to the elegance of the gift.

I told Glenn how this gift added fuel to my tank, how reinforcing this was to continue promoting Restorative Justice work.

Thanks Glenn – – and eveyone who gives Random Gifts of Gratitude!