Tip of the Week – Dispersed Leadership

I ran into this model/term for the first time – Dispersed Leadership.  I found it here on the IACP International Association for Chiefs of Police.  The Center for Police Leadership adapted the concept and created a model, it even includes a nice building with pillars and the foundation labels.  If you didn’t go to the first link, check that out, scroll to the bottom of that page. 

When I googled the term dispersed leadership, I got 1 million, 220 thousand hits!  WOW, where have I been?  I like to read business books, try to follow those trends.  Dispersed Leadership . . . leaving the Hierarchical models . . . oh.  Go figure.  Domination and Power being left behind by another arena.  Hmmm.

How is this a tip of the week you ask.  Its a tip and a tool.  Its a method of speaking concepts.  Study a little about this dispersed leadership idea.  Or keep reading, I’ll give you updates as I learn more.  When you pull in what is working in different sectors, you reinforce your own credibility.

I’ve developed my skills by seeing Circles everywhere.  Seeing how Restorative Justice applies to and makes sense in other areas.  One of my students grasped this recently.

She shared how the NFL recently highlighted a players experience.  A family member had been killed, he carried a burden and a grief until he met with the person responsible.  She is thinking of the name and I was rushing to a board meeting.  BUT – – she saw that what he did was consistent with concepts learned in class.  Now I hope, a restorative process was used.  People can get called to “meet” but void of a context and purpose – well you might have something that misrepresents Restorative Justice.  Like the Dr. Phil show that named Restorative Justice, but completely disregarded the core values.

Okay its 3:34 am!  I was woke up by T-Mobile at 1:50 am.  I recently changed my plan and they sent a text to let me know my account had been changed.  That led to me reading emails on my blackberry.  That led to a great idea about holding a speakers workshop.  So rather than lie in bed with my head full of thoughts I got up and sent 12 emails.  I did just click over and count.  Now its time for me to disperse my leadership right back to the pillow.

Peace – – Kris