I love to blog, I love you!

Hello again blog readers. 

Do you realized I don’t know a thing about you? 

Youare completely anonymous!  Sometimes you tell me who you are, a brief passing.  “Oh I’ve read some of your blog, you’re funny”.  You told me that as I was standing in front of your club, talking about non-profit management.  I know it’s not my parents reading this or even my kid reading this!  I keep trying to tell my college student, “post a comment”, so I’m not sure if they are reading this.  My writing coach might be, she said she’s using me a positive example.  How nice is that?  Maybe some of the readers are referred by her.  Who are you readers?  I’m glad your reading, I hope this blog is helpful!  It certainly helps me!

The blog title “I love to blog, I love you!”  Why do I love you?  Let me count the ways! 

1.) You bring more meaning to my experiences.  I’m single.  I live with my daughter and cat.  I should say ‘her cat’.  Although I feed, water, brush, give treats, and clean Olive’s cat box, she is completely enamoured with my daughter, not Me.  Although demographically the world is becoming more single, I feel very much a minority without a spouse.  I’ve also learned that my “fantasy mate” would listen attentively to every story I have.  He would be hanging on every word of every re-lived experience I get to tell him about.  I’ve learned it’s no good to wish for a mate that doesn’t exist.  It’s better to accept and embrace my singleness and make use of the stories I have.  Why share them with one man when you can tell the world?  In a blog of course!

2.)No matter what, wordpress/readers are always here. I love wordpress for having this wonderful blog hosting space.  Its easy to navigate, its got updates and features that improve over time.  Even though it cyber-space or electronic media, I get a good sense they have positive values.  Does that even make sense?  It’s warm, inviting and fuzzy at wordpress.  I feel connected to other wordpress bloggers and I like to just jump randomly from blog to blog.  With wordpress always here, readers are always here.  All I have to do is log on and I can see what’s happened on the blog.  The first thing I check (I wish I didn’t) are my “stats”  I like to see how many people have read the site.  I can see what posts were viewed and I can see if you clicked to an outside link. 

I wonder with my resumebeing the most viewed item, if everyone that views is a first time viewer.  Hmmm.  I guess eventually I figure that out.

3.) We have common ground.  I know that if you are reading this you care about Restorative Justice and/or Circles.  That makes a profound connection for me.  I really really love RJ/Circles, I find such deep fullfillment in doing this work and getting to be this person.  If you care a little about something so dear to me, then that makes us connected.  So if your reading this, you must care!

So three reasons to love anonymous blog readers is probably enough.  It’s giving me one of those “is this a reason to worry about myself” thought!  🙂

In peace and love! – – – Kris