Fun & Effective Circle Activity

I think I adapted this from a NVC Activity, they have great stuff for Circles, I might have read it as Responsive Classroom technique.  I can’t really remember and I changed it enough that I am not stressing about remember where I got the starting concept.

I tried this out in my College Class, we’ve been meeting for 10 weeks now.  This is a 3 credit Intro to RJ class at UWRF.  The students are getting more and more connected, I love it, they do whatever I ask!

We all took a piece of paper, put our names on it and crumbled them up in balls, and gently tossed the “snowballs” into the Center of our Circle.  Then we all went and picked on, keeping the name on the paper to ourselves.  I let the students know we would have a round before the end of class and they would have to say something postive or something they learned about the person in their snowball.  I also talked about snowflakes being unique, and many snowflakes together makes snowballs.

We did another activity that showed how we impact others, we talked about “Empathic Listening”.  We returned to the Snowballs.  I was really struck how the students remember and spoke about things that they heard or learned from classmates.  They didn’t just offer things that were shared since picking up the snowballs.  They shared perspectives and personality characteristics that have been emerging.  We really had fun and tried to guess who the person was speaking of.  We used the phrase “This person is . . . “.

When the talking piece got back to me, I decided we could all learn a little more about giving a compliment.  So we said ‘This person is (one adjective), This person is (their name).”  That was a fun, affirming one.  I was called “Fearless”, I called a student “Confident”.  We all got a dish of warm fuzzy!

This person is fearless, this person is Kris.  Similiar statements one after another 20 times!  It was great, I really enjoyed it.

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