Tip of the Week – affirming the good!

In preparing to talk to 70 teachers tomorrow, I selected my first slide, out of the middle of an early presentation.  I have used the phrase “Be Yourself. Only Better”.  What I explain is that teachers are already doing a lot of good teaching techniques.  That teachers are always building relationships with students.  Teachers are unique and precious individuals that choose to invest in social capital.  I want to honor and value people that take on and answer that calling.

When I was in Toronto Canada for the IIRP Conference I was able to attend a few sessions on Restorative Justice in Schools.  I consistently heard about assessing where the schools are, to focus on whats going well. 

The next piece is to look at “Proactive” and “Reactive” approaches to school safety and belonging and in Brenda Morrisons book, she says to make sure there is synergy between the two.  I thought that was appropriate and made sense.  What kind of climate are you working on in your school?  Do you discipline approaches reflect the same values?  Look for and affirm the good.  Just like meeting with victims or offenders, you being seperating the doer from the deed.  Affirm the good.

thanks for all you do in Circles!