Tip of the Week – Prepare!

Never underestimate the value of preparing! Another great quote I remember:  Failing to prepare, it to prepare to fail.

Its very very important to remember to do this when facilitating Restorative Justice (conference or circle).  I love to do trainings and workshops, those are also important to prepare for.  Today I found myself preparing for one that hasn’t been scheduled yet!  I found some great training activities around domestice violence issues.

Never forget to prepare yourself, right before the process.  Take a moment to center, or focus on doing what is best for all parties involved.  I’ve found out the more I prepare each participant, the less I do in a conference.

Prepare with considerations about your space.  Who will come in first, who will be walked out first.  Going over all these logistics helps everyone be at ease and know what to expect.  I give as many options and choices to the person whose been harmed.  One vicitms choice was to have the offender decide.

So the photo above, I tried my best to lead a group of young women to lead a talent show.  The day of the event, my pants ripped right all along the back pocket!  Oh I did my best to prepare . . . except for that unfortunate event.  It was alot of fun anyway.

The young woman to my left, told me how often other youth remembered that they led the talent show.  This was a leadership role she took on, which I am sure, led to her graduation of an associates degree.  Little did we know she was preparing for her future at this event!