Tip of the Week – multiple sources of learning

My tip this week is for you as a person and a Circlekeeper to keep your mind open to multiple sources of learning.  What I mean by this is to find and keep a variety of “camps”.  Here are some of my “Camps”:

  • Emotional IQ and Daniel Goleman, I mention him in this post about emotional climate.  His articles are always helpful.
  • Linda Wolf, Teen Talking Circles.  I went to Mexico for a week long women’s circle, May 2006.  The group photo is on my special wall.  The training was so helpful in deepening who I am as a woman and gave me phenomenal courage in implementing Restorative Justice Circles.  Linda gave me information on Compassionate Listening, and I use that in teaching Circles.
  • Dr. Martin Seligman, Authentic Happiness he has excellent articles and I liked taking his tests.  Focusing and developing strengths really makes sense to me.  The tests are free on this website. 
  • Philosophers Notes I am subscribed to this and I really like to get to peek inside the current book trends.
  • Compassionate Classroom and work by Marshall Rosenberg is really helpful.  For teachers using Restorative Justice Compassionate Classroom is a powerful tool is developing your background and philosophy.

Of course I keep track of what my friends are publishing on Restorative Justice.  Brenda Morrison’s book Restoring Safe School Communities is really valuable.  I see that more in my “camp” I guess.

My tip of the week . . . keep a broad base of information flowing to you as a practitioner.  As you develop yourself as a person, you will develop yourself as a Circle keeper.

One of the Compassionate Listening suggestions is to keep healing your own wounds.  Each time I do that, I have a better understanding for others trying to do the same thing.  No one shoe fits all!

Peace – Kris