Painters paint, bakers bake, writers write . . .

I have to blog today.  I’ve tried to do daily posts.  It’s not easy.  Today is a “have to blog” day.  Ever notice that what we want to do and have to do, make a difference in how much we actually enjoy the task?

I’ve learned SO much from blogging.  I’ve put my heart into this.  I didn’t realize that until a friend gave me the feedback.  I thought how true it is, because I throw myself completely into most projects.  So you don’t put your heart in without getting your head in the game.  I didn’t mean for this to happen with the blog project . . . I just wanted to get this resource going.

I’ve learned about “categories”.  You’ll see these on the “cloud”, I guess the more posts I put in a category the bigger that word gets.  It’s been a challenge for me to decide what categories I wanted.  I hope I can change these later. 

Pingbacks – that’s when I figure out how to link my posts to each other.   I think thats a good idea, shouldn’t these things connect together?  I’ve gotten nice feedback about my writing.  Wow, I didn’t know I was a writer.  I’ve always wanted to be a writer.

Thank goodness someone wrote that you should write, like you talk.  I like to talk.  So that advice led me here.  I learned and hope you learn from reading this . . . you don’t have to THINK you’re good at something to do it.  Just do it!  (thanks Nike!)

I read a few blogs on a regular basis, which was preparing me for launching my own.  This is the third or fourth try.  I studied what I wanted to do, and I still do.  I just found a tip about adding a “picture of the week”.  Since Sunday is my tip of the week day, I’ll do a picture of the week on Wednesday.  See how easy this is?

It’s been a process to go from, a secret journal to not knowing who the 54 people that looked at the blog last Wednesday.  I waited until I felt like I had enough on the blog, before I talked about it.  Now I talk about it all the time.  At first I felt awkward about saying “my blog”.  Recently I had to type “our blog” referring to SCVRJP.  I’ve asked my students to make comments, just so I’d have some comments!

It’s been great having people in another County make comments and knowing that students and teachers in Texas will be given the site.  I hope our stories grow and this resource is valuable to many many people.

Bloggers blog . . . I just blogged my way thru a little blogging block!  I do love this, turns out it doesn’t matter if I have to, need to, or want to!

Peace – Kris